Welcome to the Story of the Year of the Blue Fire.

The setting is Amn, once having taken place in Althkalta the Capital of Amn, the focus of the game now is on Castle Gordok in the Smalltooth mountains in southern Amn. The party of evil adventurers have fallen in league with the primordial of the wild who is called Malar. He has granted them power and magic in exchange for their service. The talons of Malar are to combat the forces of Cyric who murdered the Goddess Mystra with Shar’s help. With magic wrecked, the two worlds of Abeir and Toril have become reunited, causing wild magic and ancient beings to rise.

The party consists of: Nurjir (murder in orcish) the male half-orc barbarian. Nepthali the male humankin sorcerer. Zuzu the male human monk, Nepthali’s bodyguard. Adoian the male gnome bard. Sascha the female elf druid. Ana the female teifling mage. Bizzle the male human ranger.

Year of the Blue Fire

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