Year of the Blue Fire

Than till today

Also, when they returned, they discovered a Tribe of Hobgoblins had taken to raiding the castle. The party discovered them and turned them out. They struck a deal with the Hobgoblins to allow them to work for the party, and lead the orcs and goblins on their raids. The Hobgoblins were offered choice pickings of the loot in exchange for their service. Due to the success of these raids and the ability of the Hobgoblins to minimize their losses, the Tribe attracted many new members, bringing with them more Orc and Goblin slaves.


During the year of Blue fire, the party was able to acquire Driftwood, the port city on the coast of the small tooth mountains. They used Malar’s power to decimate the area, and moved in shortly after, using politics, and lies to coerce the people into thinking they were there to liberate them from Cyric. They than succeeded in taking the temple of Cyric at the heart of the city. The temple was heavily defended, though they were able to break through. Malar had given them the essence of a wild force to unleash if it was needed. It was indeed needed when they met up with the high cleric of Cyric. A tremendous battle ensued between the titanic forces of Entrophy and the Wild. This allowed the High Cleric to escape through a dimension door, leaving the party victorious in the city, but not against the Cleric. After this the Party converted a cleric of Cyric to Malar, and left him in charge of the newly conquered town. In order to promote stability and loyalty, the party also cleaned up the area of corrosive monsters (they created), and helped clean up the toxics they left behind when wielding Malar’s power.

July August September 2010

When this was all accomplished the Talons returned to Castle Gordok. They found that they had grown in numbers, Orcs and Goblins had been breeding and being equiped by the Dwarf. The hobgoblins had been prospering as well, using the forces and defensible Castle to venture forth and proform bold attacks against the forces of Cyric and the house of the Navishar. There is a problem however. Due to the size of the castle, raiding is no longer enough to support it, and social tensions threatened to cause riots. In order to lessen the strain, and provide incentive for battle, the Party ventured forth in order to claim a mine, so that their forge would not stand idle. They found a medium iron mine in the small tooth mountains, south of Esmeltran operated conveniently by the Navashar. Here the party was able to produce fake documents and lie their way into the organization. In order to take over, the party hatched a diabolical plot. They decided to prepare a feast for the workers and leadership alike, roasting up wild animals to perfection. They had them line up, single file, using glibness to convince them this was necessary. The Mage than shot two lightening bolts down the single file line, electrocuting everyone to death, leaving a line of charred and smoldering remains.
In response to this, the Navashar sends out some scouts to find what happens, following them with a small army. (the scouts didn’t find much of an army to oppose them). The Talons were able to repel the attack, and cause a great number of losses to them, while loosing little themselves. They were reacquainted with the High Cleric and Ult who lead the army. The Talons were able to decimate the forces, but were unable to get at the leadership who escaped back to Eshpurta.

Javelda High priest of Cyric – Malar wants him dead (and wants a keystone from him (decorated by Abier language)
Barrin is to kill Javelda but needs more training. He goes to the bounty house to find that there is a mission in Eshpurta for the Dannihyr (Shadow Thieves). To kill a threat that is in prison. Barrin arrives at the prison and tries to bully his way in, but is knocked out by the guards and arrested as a mage. Barren meets Rayna (lvl 6 cleric of mystra to malar new NPC) in his cell and agrees to free her for her help. They escape the jail, murder two guards and find their way out of the Prison. They had to meet the contact Ahble who they murdered after he gave them help. (there was only enough room for two on the flying malar horse as the Warden (a high level mage/warrior) found their location. They barely escaped the clay golems and lept to freedom. Rayna fell off the horse and crashed to her death. Luckily Barrin was able to stabilize her and bring her back with a cure light wounds potion.

In order to fulfill his duty to Malar to seek power, Barrin, accompanied by Rayna ventured forth to find a challenge. As if by divine providence, they encountered three dragon hunters in a bar. The group was soliciting adventurers in a small cross roads town with promises of treasure if they were to succeed. The hunters were lead by Gregyre a Dragon Hunter, Feini a Mage and Halisalasi a Warrior. They agreed to fight together to challenge a adult Bronze Dragon, located in eastern Amn near the large lake. In addition Nepthali, guided by Malar also arrived at the cross roads, the Hunters having been previously informed of his arrival with knowledge on how to use the book the informant (who knew about the Dragon (malar?) gave to them. It proved to be a ritual that allowed for the acquisition of pure dragon power.
The lair of the dragon was located on the side of a cliff, the entrance was carved out of a natural outlet of a stream. The stream fell into a swamp on the outskirts of the lake. Inside the cavern, the party discovered a stone slab along the path, behind which the Lair of the dragon was located. The stone was heavy, but the party still managed to move it with magical enhancements. They discovered a juvenile bronze dragon inside that was weary of their approach. Barrin entered the lair unseen and ambushed the dragon. It grew angry and attacked, fighting valiantly against the party. The party overcame the young dragon, using a ritual bestowed by malar to absorb the power of the dragon. They grew in power only to discover that the Adult had just returned. They fled the lair and tried to move further down the natural cave the stream carved, only to discover it was fed by some deep cavernous pools. They decided to find their way out, only to find the entrance was blocked by a solid block of ice, which was blocking up the stream. The only choice they felt was to confront the Dragon in her lair. They opened the lair to discover Her flying above them, prepared for their attack. The fight ensued, the adversaries pushing themselves to their limits in order to win. The party barely overcame the dragon, due to clever tactics and the luck of malar on their side. The treasure was great and divided as agreed upon. Also, Rayna fully discovered Malar, and Feini decided to follow malar to destroy Cyric who he hates.

Meanwhile, Nurjir left the mine to seek out a source for obsidian, the essential material needed to make a forge hot enough to work mithril. Nurjir traveled to Balder’s Gate to find someone who knew where to access Obsidian. There he found himself outmatched by the glibness of others, also discovering that Obsidian was rare and valuable stone. He was eventually able to find a mage with information on the location of some obsidian (after paying enough graft). The location was given to be Mithril Hall in North Western Toril. This location has been a dwarvish home for hundreds if not thousands of years. It has a complex history of disposed kings, demons, and dragons. Most recently it has been occupied by a malignant spirit that has caused it to be unoccupied for years. The mage agreed to construct a obsidian forge for Nurjir in exchange for the distruction of the malignant spirit. Nurjir agreed and ventured forth to challenge the creature. He was able to find the hall with little difficulty, as it is a historical landmark in the area. He was able to remove the rubble at the entrance and descend into the darkness. Not much was to be had at first, the chamber leading into a great hall, the must and dampness of a cave the only apparent features besides rodents, bugs and bones. He was able to discover the hall of dead kings past the raised stone slab at the end of the hall. Here he felt a presence, and explored, discovering the tomb of the last king to have succumbed to the spirit. Here he fell into a trap that drug him into the realm of the spirit. Luckily, the power of Malar was with Nurjir, and his form was only enhanced by the passage through the threshold. He did wake up however, bound in front of the spirit, who offered him power in exchange for his service. Not to be duped, Nurjir was able to use the gifts of malar and his exceptional strength to break out of his shackles and attack the spirit. The greatest forture of Malar was with Nurjir this day as the Spirit was struck down with a minimum of Nurjir’s clawed strikes. Once the spirit was vanquished, Nurjir returned to his home plane, within the tomb of the last dwarf king. He escaped from the temple and returned to the mine with tiding of what had transpired.

10/3/2010 – finally got the group back together after a hiatus.

The party agreed to help Nurjir and make sure Mithril hall was secure, so they ventured forth as a group, arriving safely. They encountered some undead terrorizing a small village on the way, but only further terrorized the citizenry. When they arrived, they found the hall in the same condition, though they were surprised to find that a Huge cave spider had taken up residence in the weeks they were gone. They were able to destroy the Monstrous spider after a deadly fight that killed Nepthali, who was saved by Sasha with a last breath. They than met with the Mage who looked over the place and decided the job was well done, and said the Forge would be built within a few months.
They than returned to the mine, only to find out from a spy that was employed by the Cleric of Driftwood that the council of the merchant houses of Amn, had decided to back the Navashar and declare that the kingdom of Malar was illegitimate and must be dispanded under penalty of war. The Talons intercepted a messanger from Eshpurta and decided to send back a threat in response. The party than traveled to Eshpurta, and found that there was a military training camp there just for the purposes of removing them from their mine. Adoin and Berrin decided to enter the city to see what they could find out. They found the Magistrates Manor, and the Largest temple to Cyric. Berrin decided he would assassinate the Magistrate of Eshpurta (one of the highest ranking members of the Navishar). He was caught while trying to inflitrate the compouned that consisted of a barbed fence and a large three story manor. He failed to disarm a trap on the Magistrates door, and succumbed to a toxic sleep. When he awoke, he was in a dark cell, hanging upside down, bound and nearly naked. Luckily he had been captured before and had the forethought of keeping a lockpick pin in his underware. He was able to use this and his shadow play to release himself from the shackles. He found a bucket with metal components and used that as a crude weapon to murder the guard when he came back to check to see if the prisoner had awoken yet. He changed into the guards armor, and made his way out of the Manor. He was nearly found out to be a prisoner and not a guard by some other guards, but he was able to intimidate his way past them to freedom. He nearly got caught again when he broke the lock to get out, luckily though he was on the side of the door with the hinges and was able to remove the door entirely. He than escaped through a window, only to return to the balcony where he was caught the first time. Not to be out done again, he attempted the trap and succeeded this time. He found a guard sleeping on duty and killed him without fuss. He than moved to the Magistrate’s room, and unlocked the alarm, than trap, than lock to the room. He found the Magistrate sleeping in a naked drunk stupor, and was able to easily dispatch him. He found his equipment in the Magistrate’s room, and was able to escape. He did though break his ankle and cause some alarm within the compound as he escaped.

The Talons than decided they would assault Eshpurta, and the army outside of it. They convinced the Hobgoblins that it was worth the risk by giving them the Gems and Jewelry of the Magistrate.


Made Characters Druid3 – Nick Fighter2/rogue1 – Jake Barbarian2/rogue1 – Balll Sorcerer3 – Andy Monk3 – Mike Bard3 – Billy Bearin – Jake – hp33ac15 Nephtali – Andy – hp18 ac14(16 w/ expertise) Alcyone – Allie – hp25 ac15 Adoian Alerteyes Cupshigh – Scodel BoddyDock Fetterswift – Billy – hp24 ac15 “Druid” – Nick Tevid Torchmonger – Adam – hp20 ac13(17mage armor) Zuzu – Mike – hp32 ac15 Krom – Balll – hp32 ac17

They are part of a guild formed by a now deceased Mage named Youni who had contacts with the Emerald Cabal in Amn.

Guild was given information on where a caravan operated by the Nashivaar was ambushed by an Ogre magi (illusionist) from Muranndin (neighboring monster kingdom). The raid ended with heavy losses on the ogre magi side because there were adventurers with the caravan to protect it.

Guild went to site and met Druid when they were resting in the forest.

They followed the tracks for days and had to hunt for food, finally catching up with the diminished raiding party.

In a failed ambush where they killed 4 orcs they fell subject to an illusion of huge numbers of enemy orcs cast by the magi. They round and found a defensible position where they fought 6 Wargs (1 was enlarged), 4 orc riders, an ogre rider and a half-orc warrior (with potential magic gear). The group fought and bled in the battle, stabilizing a dead orc, and calming/attempting to tame Warg. They found around 120 gp as well as some minor other things.

*There is one ogre magi an ogre and roughly 5 orcs left.

Ideas for the booty: In addition to some gold and a few magic items. (possibility for a sought after item) Weapons for the Nashivaar militia. Spices. Art.

Caravan has either left or become more defended.

Attendance 4/25/10 Bearin – Jake – hp33ac15 Nephtali – Andy – hp18 ac14(16 w/ expertise) Alcyone – Allie – hp25 ac15 Adoian Alerteyes Cupshigh – Scodel BoddyDock Fetterswift – Billy – hp24 ac15 “Druid” – Nick

The party had set up a camp away from the previous nights battle to recover from their injuries. Alcyone (who had been given information in the guild hall about the current plot) tracked the party down and happened upon them there.

Upon returning to the caravan site they found only three orc’s alive, which they proceeded to attack, killing two and enslaving the other. The party then went and tracked the ogre magi and his ogre friend across the mountains. They had a run in with some goblins and found a large goblin city but were able to avoid much trouble with them.

They found the ogre at an abandoned gem mine where they had trouble getting through a darkness spell near the entrance. They fell into a pitfall trap before finding a room filled with stirges who had filled themselves on the ogre magi’s dead friend. They eventually tracked the ogre to where he was standing invisible. When he realized they had found him out he attacked. Nick made the floor soft which offset the ogre, causing him to die under a barage of the parties attacks. They gathered his magic items and valuables and returned to Athkatla with the trained warg.

They had the items identified by Youni who charged them component costs (600gp) and They now owe him a favor as well. They sold the warg to an evil halfling cleric of Cyric for 600gp.

The party spent 250 to secure their guild hall, also buying a safe with some of their bounty.

They went to one of three bounty houses. One house was controlled by the Selemchant – cowled wizards who have a magic shop next door. The other house is controlled by Dannihyr – the masters of the shadow theives. There is a smaller one on the outskirts of town controlled by the Nashivaar – church of Cyric (this one is less reputable and accepts bids from “evil” races.

They chose to go to the one on the outskirts and found three jobs that they were applicable for. An escort mission from Athkalta to Eshpurta for 650gp. Dealing with goblins in southern Amn for 250gp. Dealing with a paladin problem at a small evil town dominated by the church of cyric along the coast near the Small teeth mountains for 750gp.

5/2/10 The party chose to deal with the paladin problem in Elbuort (pop 1000 – 2 taverns, small market, church of cyric), south of Amn where the mountains meet the coast. They took a boat to travel from Athkalta to Elbourt. To find them they decided to masquerade as a caravan in behest of Cyric. To do this they “rented” a cart from an old man (who they killed when they returned the cart). They stole a couple of horses from townsfolk as well.

They didn’t get ambushed like they wanted, instead they found the smoldering remains of an orc raiding party that had been ruthlessly destroyed by the Paladins (lvl 5 pal (w/ mount), lvl 4pal, lvl 5 cleric, lvl 3 cleric, lvl 3 warrior). They acquired their 5 horses and two mules. The church paid them for their services.

5/9/10 300xp for first adventurers 600xp for bounty

The party hunted Rork (7 warrior) for bounty because he was over stepping his bounds (balll’s rape coment – hilarious) Ult half elf female mage/cleric met the party at a small waystation town and took them into a wild zone in the Cloud Peaks. They traveled past owlbears and other mixed/magic creatures to the ruin of a mage tower.

His music smells like brain damage.

5/17/10 After months of toil in Ibber the Infinate’s tower, where the party had to bypass living wall traps (Party met Ana and Bizzle by rescuing them from the trap – they had been a part of the Mad mages previous attempt), along with ever worsening and changing seasonal environments to be stuck in the tower infinately, waiting for a wall to discintigrate. Finally it did and they traveled down the passage to find an old man and a split in the passages. One passage had the symbol of mystra emblazened upon the ground and the other passage had the symbol of cyric. The mad cleric Ult took off running down the Cyric tunnel, as the players were about to follow the old man spoke and said “I would not go that way.” They did not listen and followed. After a large cavernous room with a bouncing floor they finally arrived at the chamber holding the seat of power. Zuzu replaced the key and reactivated the portal causing the two worlds of Toril and Abeir to bounce into eachother, degrading the rift between them. They found themselves outside the tower an instant later, and found that magic had been broken. They decided to return to the tower after some research as to what happened. When they returned to the tower, the landscape had changed, earthmotes started to appear in the sky. The traps in the tower were way more powerful than they had previously been. After bypassing the traps they released Malar the primordial of the wild. The god known in toril as malar was simply the impression left on the world by the Primordial. When the two worlds reunited Malar became one again as well. Ibber the Infinate’s tower held the seat of power to allow for cyric to kill mystra. The tower was located in the Cloud Peak mountains. Malar sank Castle Tethyr into the sea (water elementals). He did this to get Torm’s attention, which he did. A large white gauntlet appeared in the sky, grabbed Malar, and disappeared. Malar triumphed and Torm was destroyed.

The party decided that the goblin city they had previously found would make great followers so they decended upon the city with big magic and big words. They killed the only capable goblins on their initial assult and insult finally deciding that the first goblin with balls would lead and that was Tali the goblin king!

Leveled most to 6 or just below.

5/23/10 They decided to return to the “Castle Gordok” that Krum had previously been at where he hunted an ogre mage during the first years of the spellplague when his spells would not work. He met a slave named Glass (lvl 5human rogue good), and they adventured together killing slavers and looking for a challenging fight in the small tooth mountains. Krum reunited with the party as they were forcing a troll named velk and a party of orcs into slavery. They succeeded in agreeing to get Velk the Castle Gordok to lead the orcs from. The party cleared out the castle and enslaved what they could establishing a mild order in the keep, with few orcs and goblins with Velk the troll. This was durring the year of the blue fire.

The spellplague happened in the year of the blue fire, the party went to the source of the vortex only to find themselves in Abeir (a land ruled by powerful dragon lords and their kin) which was making its final convultions in its reunion with Toril. They discovered a small town, and herd dinasaurs. In the town they stumbled upon a Dragonkin who recognized Nepthali for his dragon heritage. Unfortunately due to the shift in reality Krum was having trouble understanding what was being said. This caused him to go mad and start breaking the town, he caused structural damage and killed some people. The dragonkin did not kill him because the party convinced him otherwise due to their value as outsiders. He decided to take the party to the Mountain. Once there they met an ancient black dragon who questioned them and gave them information they were seeking. The players did not know they had brought Malar with them, and he assulted the Mountain, knocking it back to the ground. They found Malar and traveled to the portal he origionally used to start reuniting Toril. Once back they set out to establish themselves again in Toril, having been stuck in the portal for 10 years with Malar. They had lost their guild house and their stored items. They did however find that their Castle Gordok was in fine shape, with over 200 goblins and roughtly 50 orcs, along with the Son of Velk and two other stupid troll brutes. During the time Malar’s power wore off on some of the characters magic items causing each of them to receive his endowments in an item. Krum changed his name to Nurjir the orcish word for murder. They decided to outfit the rising orc army with weapons, using Nepthali’s coinpurse they bought a slew of weapons to outfit their band.

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