Adoian Alerteyes Cupshigh Scodel BoddyDock Fetterswift

Gnome Bard with epic sideburns


GENERAL AC – 15 Hp – 36 (+4) inititive +2

SAVING THROWS Fortitude – 4 reflex – 9 will – 9

ABILITY SCORES str – 10 dex – 14 con – 13 int – 14 wis – 14 cha – 18

Bard level 5 -Prestige Class: Virtuoso level 1 ECL – 6

Notable Skills Bluff – 10 Craft (Ship wright) – 7 Diplomacy – 13 Disguise – 8 Gather Information – 6 Intimidate – 11 Perform – 12 Spot – 10

Feats Extra Music Lingering Song Weapon Finesse

Languages Gnome, Draconic, Common, Orcish

Gear Mandolin – 2d4 “sonic blast” Whistle-Pipe Double Sized Clothes Formal Wear Travel Wear Noble’s Outfit -Signet Ring Waterskin Vial x2 Flint and Steel Bottles x2 Tobacco Pouch Pipe

Amulet – +4HP Slave Merchant Papers Key Medallion Endless Rope


My name is Adoian Alerteyes Cupshigh, but i am known by my mother’s side as Adoian Scodel BoddyDock and by my father’s side as Adoian Alerteyes the Fetterswift. I hail from the Isle of Lantan, son to Brelyassa Cupshigh BoddyDock and Leoril Cupshigh Alerteyes. I felt the recluse of Lantan was an insufficient place for my abilities as a musician and peacemaker, and sought to learn more about the world’s peoples (and more so, their treasures). My mandolin travels with me anywhere i might happen to find myself, and acts as my guide in times of both worry and delight.

My repertoire of skills involves weaving spells with the power of music, or enchanting listeners with my profound skills in the art of oratory. I act as a social liaison between enemies and allies when it is required of me, convincing traders to lower the price, reveal useful information, or persuade enemies to throw down their weapons in the name of Malar (or suffer the consequences).

Most important to me is the work i do for Malar. The ballads i compose and the words i speak are solely in the name of The Primordial of the Wild, Malar.

Adoian Alerteyes Cupshigh Scodel BoddyDock Fetterswift

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